The subsidy is only provided for young children.

Subsidies are only available for small children. The child allowance is 10,000 yen or 15,000 yen per child.There is an income limit and it is only paid until the child turns 15. The cost is too high for a child who has grown up to be a junior high school student. Many people say that it is very expensive to start junior high school. The real cost comes when the child reaches junior high school, putting even more pressure on the family budget. The only support after primary school is the child-care allowance.Parents feel uneasy because of that. The current system should be improved. When the child is an infant, there is a lot of support through subsidies, but when the child is older, there is no subsidy. The older they get, the more expensive it is. In addition to this,In Japan, there are differences in childcare support systems between different regions. There are differences in childcare support between local authorities, and many people feel that this is unfair. There are very few subsidies for medical expenses, although the shortest ones are for primary schools children and the longest ones are for up to 18 years old. In addition, there is an upper limit to the subsidies. After the middle years of primary school, parents have to pay for every medical treatment they receive. This makes it difficult for children to go to hospital when they are injured or sick.In addition, in municipalities where childcare support is provided at birth, the parents may receive a baby gift, which is enviable. It’s not easy to choose where to live, so many people think it’s not fair. This kind of gap should disappear. Choosing where to live is not easy, so many people think it is unfair. Different regions have different things to do, so the government should eliminate the disparity.