Raising children in Japan is very hard.

Many people say that raising children in Japan is difficult. Many parents wonder when they will be able to take time off from work, housework and childcare. Many mothers and fathers feel that they don’t have much time after the birth of a child. The soup is usually cold and the parents eat the children’s leftovers. Some people want to eat hot food slowly. In addition to this, there are many problems such as money, finding a good nursery school, and raising a child alone.Some Japanese parents feel uncomfortable when their baby cries in a buggy on a train or bus because they feel as if they are being looked at coldly. Sometimes people say that Japanese parenting is strange. What do Japanese mothers and fathers think about this? First of all, it costs a lot of money to raise a child. Even parents of only one child may have financial difficulties.Also, the cost of education in Japan is really high. Even in public elementary schools, school lunches and tuition fees put pressure on the family budget. Even though it is not private, it is not completely free. Mothers who work part-time often find that their wages are wiped out by childcare fees and afterschool programmes. The cost of education is really too high. The government should focus on the younger generation, not on social welfare for the elderly. It is essential to make education free for children. It is also essential to cram school for exams, even just to get into university. The tuition fees for university are also very high. It is much more than in high school. Sometimes it is divided into two parts: the first and second semesters, but still parents have to pay a lot at once. Even the national universities are actually more expensive than in other countries. Another problem is the scholarship system. Some people say that the current system of taking on debt after university is not good.