One mother was exhausted both physically and mentally every day.

“A mother’s days can be hectic and physically and mentally exhausting.
Even if the mother complains to her mom friends that “”My siblings go to different daycare centers and it’s really hard, “”
she’d just be told””Hmm. That must be tough.”” And that’s all they’ll say.But they don’t really know what’s so hard about it. They’ll never know.
Sometimes they will say, “”Our siblings are lucky to go to the same daycare center. Some of the conversations are without such bad intentions.There is no malicious intent, but it’s as if someone is saying, “”I feel sorry for you. We’re blessed, though. “” “”I hope you guys get into the same daycare next time. “” She’d been told something like that, but she was only pessimistic.
The mother had a hard time distrusting people. It was hard for her to trust people.
There were no openings at the nursery she wanted to send her siblings to. The mother felt as if she was waiting for her child’s turn to go to preschool, which made her sad.
The mom’s friends couldn’t understand how that mother felt at all, and it would be difficult for even family members and spouses to understand the difficulty of having siblings attend different daycare centers.
The mother had to pick up and drop off her children every day and prepare them for each day at the different daycare centers. In addition, the mother had her own work, household chores, and childcare to do. Her husband was very busy with his work, because he sometimes went to work early in the morning and came home on the last train.
She once asked her husband to help her with the housework.
However, he gave an unbelievable answer.
“”I don’t mind helping you with the housework. But only if you earn as much as I do.””